The Elite Master's Programme in Advanced Materials and Processes was founded in the winter semester 2005/06. The background was the ambitious idea to combine aspects of two traditional disciplines which were key strengths of FAU Erlangen: Materials Science and Engineering and Chemical and Biological Engineering.
Materials Science that was already established in 1966 when the School of Engineering was founded can easily be defined as the hallmark of the university. Today Materials Science is next to Medicine the main focus in Erlangen. The Institute of Materials Science takes a prominent position nationally and internationally with regard to personal resources as well as to the fact that it covers the whole range of the subject in teaching and research.
Technical Chemistry’s tradition is just as long as Material Science’s, and is internationally high ranked.
Both study programs shine forth with highly distinguished scientists, amongst them three laureates of the esteemed Leibniz award Prof. Dr. Peter Greil, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Peukert und Prof. Dr. Peter Wasserscheid. All three of them are MAP lecturers.
Logo and Visual Motto

The logo of the MAP Programme does not only include its name and the respective abbreviation, but the dots also symbolize the unification of Materials Science and CBI. Red is the color code of Materials Science at the School of Engineering of FAU Erlangen, orange the color code of CBI. The color gradient is a symbol for the fusion of both subjects.

MAP Logo

The visual motto developed as a whole new design in January 2009 and coined the graduation present of the graduates of the year 2006. Like the logo it exemplifies the interaction of Materials Science and CBI, in short the procedure „From Molecule to Process – From Process to Molecule“.

MAP Quader